Towards a zero-waste garden

We all seem to collect waste and our community garden is no exception. From disposable coffee cups to plastic wrap and the packaging from garden products, it seems hard to avoid. At the Rosebud Community Garden we’d like to reduce the waste that comes to and leaves the garden. Wouldn’t it be great it we could reduce our waste to zero?

It is possible. Let’s start with baby steps:Seedlings labelled

  • Reuse plastic plant pots or return them to the nursery. We are often in need of seedling trays in the garden.
  • Raise your own seeds or use cuttings to propagate. You’re welcome to use the garden’s greenhouse to get your plants off to a good start – in return a percentage of your seedlings should go in the monthly plant sale to raise funds for the garden.
  • Make reusable plant labels with icy-pole sticks or cut up plastic waste. Take a peek into our greenhouse for some great examples.
  • Buy in bulk or create your own garden products. At the garden we make compost and liquid fertiliser (from worm farms) – toss in a gold coin donation and take your share.
  • Share with others, whether it’s trellis after your peas have finished or that jumbo packet of snail pellets. At the garden we have tools to share so make sure you look after them and put them back in the shed for others to use.
  • Use containers instead of plastic wrap and tin foil. There is often rubbish left behind after our monthly lunches – think about what you bring your food along in, and make sure that you take home any waste.

Hope this has got you thinking about ways to reduce waste. I found some of these tips on the Treehugger website but there is loads of information out there. We’d love to hear your ideas so please add a comment or contact us at the garden.


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